Branding services

SS2 has all branding services under one roof and led by a team of expert marketers who know exactly how to apply them for your benefit.
Brand Design
Brand Voice
Brand Standards
Branded Applications

Marketing Strategy

A clear go-to-market strategy informs all critical marketing decisions. This helps to simplify; but getting to simple is not easy.
Market and consumer research
Data analysis and conclusions
Competitive analysis
Brand positioning
Customer journey mapping
Employer branding analysis
Go-to-market strategy

Creative Services

Bringing a strategy to life in the eyes of the customer makes the difference between good and great. Our writers and designers are experienced, disciplined and focused on your best outcomes.
Complete design
Logo development
Literature, brochures, case studies
Corporate video, testimonial video
Vignettes, social media posts
Full asset production capabilities

Media strategy

Matching your budgets with the most appropriate and hardest working media is a cornerstone of our process. Without considered media, you’re not running at full speed.
Print, digital, social, broadcast, video
Budgeting options
Scenario planning
Data capture and analytics
Lead generation

Web Design

Your site is your window to the world and a critical element in all your digital efforts. We develop well planned and well-balanced sites that attract, inform and lead customers to your brand.
Web strategy
Full build or redesign
Design variations
Advanced UX/UI
Connectivity to digital drivers
All formats and platforms

Fractional CMO

Would you like to have a CMO, just not full time? Consider a fractional CMO as an efficient, flexible and higher quality alternative.
Short or long term
Highly experienced talent
Low out of pocket
Temporary or permanent